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Evans Gambit "Accepted" after Ba5 - Mainline

Evans Gambit "Accepted" after 5. Bc5 "McDonnell Defence"

Tricky Chess Openings: Italian Game " Classical Variation"

Italian Deutz Gambit - Win fast in the opening!


Pirc Defence - 150 Attack like TobsyKrett


French 2 Knights Attack "Mainlines and cool Tricks!

French 2 Knights Variation - Sidelines Part 1 2 Knights Variation - Sidelines Part 2 

"Englisch Attack" in Sicilian Najdorf - For White

How to crush Sicilian Dragon with the Yugoslav Attack ?!!!! Strongest Lines for White

Knock down Sicilian Taimanov / Paulsen

Sicilian 4 Knights Variation for White!

Trick the Sicilian Sveshnikov !!!

Secret Chess Openings 1: New System in the English Attack against Sicilian Najdorf


Hyper Accelerated Dragon: Trick the Yugoslav Setup

Hyper Accelerated Dragon: Master the Maroczy Bind!!

Hyper Accelerated Dragon Handle the Sidelines!


Crush Petrov Defence with brillant "Nimzowitsch Attack"


French Tarrasch "Open System" - for White

French Tarrasch "Closed System" - for White




Anti London System!

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (for Black)




Secret Chess Openings 2: The Kings English Variation

Secret Opening for Black against 1.c4




Secret Chess Openings 3: The From's Gambit - Complete Repertoire